This petition was active in February 2017 and it was submitted to the State of NY that month.  This petition was written by a Main Street retail business owner.  Several retail business owners worked together and attained about 80 signatures.  Property owner, Seth Clark, got the rest of the signatures.  Seth Clark discusses his experience on Main Street asking businesses for signatures here.

In a relatively short amount of time 146 Signatures were attained.  Since these petition pages are posted on the Internet last names and street numbers have been blackened out.  The DRI steering committee and the State of New York were given clean versions.

To clarify the language in the petition…  The Ford Sales building is also known as the Twelve Tribes warehouse located on the corner of Market Street and Chestnut Street.  This is also the proposed building site of the Food and Beverage Innovation Center (formerly known as the Food Hub).


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